A$AP Ferg – Feel Some Type of Way Freestyle lyrics

A$AP Ferg – Feel Some Type of Way Freestyle lyrics

This is hookah vibes right here, after we hookah
Yeah, yeah
You say I never give her gifts
Sendin’ nothin’

I buy you Godiva chocolate
It’s been a minute, you still ain’t divin’ in chocolate
We both in situations and then decided to stop it
True goddess, your pops is a lawyer, mom is a prophet
You never love me for profit
You stay to yourself and ain’t into the gossip
I can tell you the one, you keep tellin’ me, “Lock it”
Still, ain’t givin’ me nothin’ even though you wet as a faucet
You tellin’ me, “Go all the way in,” I’m givin’ deposits

Ayy, yeah

I can tell what’s in your mental, girl, I know what you been through
I’m the one you vent to, ain’t talk in a minute, but I miss you
I consider you my best friend too, you can have anything I lend you
I can be so sweet, but I always find some way to offend you
Huh, you bad to the bone, bad to the gristle
Wish I could have you at home, the one to attend to
Tough cookie stand tall like you 10’2″
Handle her business, never be late when that rent due

Better be brief
Feel some type of way
Feel some type of way on this beat

Feel some type of way, some type of way
I’ve had brighter days, but I’m straight
Like Rich Homie Quan, I feel some type of way
I’m kinda tight today, I can’t fake
Seen a little text of you in the press with a photo of you and your date
One of the angry emoji face
Tryna get me jealous, but I won’t break
Why you so reckless? Why you wan’ play?
Are you talkin’ to the nigga with the grown-ass face?
You don’t even vibe with the homie
You can’t even lie to me, no way
I feel pressure, and pressure, girl, you fill me with these lectures
You cut from a different cloth, your body is a different texture

I ain’t gonna lie, I still feel some type of way doe
But who am I to tell you what to do?

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