B.FUNK – Last Time Lyrics

Presenting the Last Time Lyrics performed by B.Funk. The lyrics of this English song are penned down by B.Funk himself with video also being produced by B.Funk only.

Last Time Lyrics


Yeah (Aye)

[Verse 1]

Now that I’m up they tryna tap in
Without y’all label my record still doing spins
I’m not a fool like the joker
I know this record crack you can call it a smoker
And now they wanna pull two rights
They tryna see what’s my move for the night
But it’s cool I play it smooth
I’m not tricked by they politics
See it’s whatever get ya money tho
Don’t be surprised if somebody kick ya back doe
For the fake s**t you did
Somebody put a Inglewood up to ya lid
It’s a cold universe
I’m not concerned with ya work
I spoke my peace on my half
I’m not Doctor Dre but you dealing with the aftermath (Aye)
[Verse 2]

Tryna hold my music up for ransom
I knew this s**t was planned it wasn’t random
But it’s cool you can keep the music though
The end of the day I can make 100 Cosmos
I didn’t take a loss it’s a lesson
And it really turned out it was a blessing
I thought it would be straight
Cause I tried to help you run some plays
It ain’t work like we had planned it
In the end you tried to become a bandit
But I caught onto it quick
I stayed loyal to the cause and s**t
This summer finna be lit
I’m on features and you know they some hits
I bought it back like an 80s track
Now that I’m gone where the f**k you gone that n***a

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