Baby Go To Work TikTok Song Lyrics – Koto

Baby Go To Work TikTok Song Lyrics is sung by Koto. The Lyrics of the song are written by Koto. The name of the song is So Silly.

Song Details

Song TitleSo Silly

Baby Go To Work TikTok Song Lyrics

Red Head B^^^h
Just Like She Knuckles
All White Gloves
Just Like Im Knuckles
Protect the Green
Just Like Im Knuckles

You’re Two Faced
They Call You Knuckles
I Power Up Man
You in Trouble
I Put the Gamecue in the Duffle
I Keep on Laughing About Knuckles

God Damn I Hurt My Knuckles
Aye Babby Go to Work
Throw It Back When She Twerk
Off the Chain, She Berserk,

Im Tryna F^^k With Her and Her
clean it up real quick
she gone through a fit

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