Crystal Skies & Mazare – Hear Me Now lyrics

Presenting the Hear Me Now lyrics performed by Crystal Skies & Mazare. Hope you would enjoy the lyrics of the song. Stay tuned in for more.

Hear Me Now lyrics

I’m not ready to watch you fall away from me, no
In this fading light, I see the end lies between
When the day comes alive and the night is slowly dying
In my heart, I can feel it’s not goodbye
Down this long and winding road
No one knows where we’re going
Well I wonder will you reach the other side

Hear me now
Have no fear of what’s unknown
The universe is yours tonight
The universe will guide your light
Hear me now

Hear me now

Close your eyes and fade to sleep
You can go if it’s easier to leave

Hear me now
Hear me now
Hear me now
Hear me now

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