I Aint Even Gotta Walk In With My Tool Out Lyrics

Song Details: I Aint Even Gotta Walk In With My Tool Out Lyrics. The song name is Cash App which is sung by Louie Ray.

I Aint Even Gotta Walk In With My Tool Out Lyrics

I use my cash app card when I cash her out, (supposed to be at the crib but I had to , ok) big bag in the back seat when I’m bagging out , shoot her 250 over cash app then I ask her out, b***h be down to ride well but don’t ask her out, the head she hit me with was so fire I done passed the house (damn) On this account 7,500 maxed me out, I’m so fresh today I feel like she should ask me out (yeah) he said who the f**k you in there laying with, she dragged me out, and then beforе he got tough I blew a knee out, I’m highly known for beating thе p***y down I don’t eat out, I had to drop her off in the morning she only wore a tee out , I wan’t you comfortable but this a benz put yo feet down, matter fact lean back let yo seat down , I wan’t you to come off the top b***h freestyle, she started sucking d**k at 1 its 3 now, this b***h squirt so much to the point I think it’s pee now , f**k! I done f****d up the work I left a pie out, the hood hotter so im still walking round with that fan out, ok you say you ran through 20 racks ,pull a band out , I was at the atm until it ran out, I heard they barley touched dog but he ran out, that b***h I used to couldn’t f**k I get her ran now, I use cash app money ain’t coming out my pants (whistles) she like to f**k on balcony’s when its gloomy out

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