I Treated You Good When Nobody Would I Played My Part Like That Lyrics

“I Treated You Good When Nobody Would I Played My Part Like That Lyrics” sung by J.I. . The name of the song is Blame On Me.

I Treated You Good When Nobody Would I Played My Part Like That Lyrics


I don’t like to go outside ’cause I can’t stand the rain
I walk outside with all this pride ’cause I can’t stand the pain
My eyes been open since I seen the things you really do
Act like you know it all but if only you really knew
I’m not gon’ lie you caught me off guard ’cause I was feeling you
So I started to move the way you move and now it’s killing you
Used to break her spine for real, my n gon’ ride for real
F up your Jungle Gym cause me and my n gon’ slide for real
I looked these n in their eyes before I sign a deal
I don’t f with you don’t f with me ’cause you can die for real
I think about the beans these n really try to spill
There was no respect it was life or death and we surviving still
Don’t know how it feels, so I gotta keep it real
You better watch what you say don’t come out your face cause you can get killed
N talk s everyday cause they feel a way so f how they feel, really it’s f how they feel, I think it’s time I keep it real
I ain’t got nothin’ to say when I feel like I’m buggin’ I pray
I got a new band yeah we do s but I ain’t gon’ f her the same
Got treated like sshe say I’m the sso now she gon’ f up my name
Them n who said I was a*s can go eat an as when I’m running the game
Don’t play with my heart like that
I ain’t think it would start like that
When I open my eyes I can’t see s cause I be in the dark like that
I treated you good when nobody would I played my part like that
If you f around you gotta let me know so I don’t get my heart attached
I know what you do before you do it you ain’t slick like that
I can do what you do to me to you but I don’t get like that
You did what you did for way too long cause you ain’t slike that
I used to make you touch your toes and give you d**k like that
These bullet holes can f up your clothes you could get hit like that
I travelled this road I been on my own I’m taking trips like that
I puff puff puff and I don’t pass I’m smokin’ spliffs like that
I know I’m still young but I grew up fast I ain’t no kid like that
You be on some sucker s
You think you f’ slick
Hit it from the back and then I dip cause I can’t trust no b
How could you change on me
Gotta take it to the grave with me
I gave you a chance when I shouldn’t have
So put the blame on me

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