I’m So Pretty Im Smoking On Sticky Lyrics

Song Details: I’m So Pretty Im Smoking On Sticky Lyrics. The song name is Mutumbo which is sung by 10k.Caash ft. Rico nasty.

I’m So Pretty Im Smoking On Sticky Lyrics

[Intro: 10k.Caash & Rico Nasty]
What, swag, ayy, woah
Ayy, ayy
Rico, Rico
Ayy, Kenny
Lookin’ a*s, hahaha
Alright, c’mon
Woah, Kenny

[Verse 1: 10k.Caash]
Three white chicks, Powerpuff Girls lit (They is)
Three white chicks named Sugar, Spice, Grits (Ooh)
Mojo Jojo, get off my d^^k (Get off)
Pull off, skrrt, skrrt, hop off in the whip (I’m gone, zoom)
(Hahaha, lookin’ a*s)
B^^ch, I’m ballin’ like Mutumbo
7’2″, you 6’4″, shoot for it, free throw
Freaky b^^ch, deep throat
Aim for it, no scope (Boom, boom)
Tree hugger, smoke dope (What?)
Chubby kid, f^^k your ho

[Verse 2: Rico Nasty]
I’m so pretty, I’m smokin’ on sticky (Woah)
I’m too witty, these b^^ches don’t get me
My outfit lookin’ like it cost a b^^ch kidney
Eight inch heels, he like it when I’m kinky
I put it on a n^^ga, he love me like I’m KiKi
What the f^^k you smokin’ on? Boy, that is not OG (What the f^^k?)
Your nose all in my business so how ’bout you blow me
Askin’ all these questions, who are you? The f^6kin’ police?
Got my dog on me and you know that it ain’t got no leash
If the cops pull us over, she put it all in her p^^sy
I just did five shows back to back and they were overseas
Got your b^^ch in the back of my foreign and she was on her knees (Ha)

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