JT Machinima – Zarya vs Heavy lyrics

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Zarya vs Heavy lyrics

[Heavy, Zarya, Scout & Both]
I’ll finish you before I finish my sandvich
Take notes from Sasha – you could learn to do damage
Because without your charge or the team to give you help
You can’t even hold a choke point with such itty-bitty-little health
So don’t call yourself a tank, go on cry some more baby
Hey Scout, (yeah), thank Zarya, she makes you look intimidating
I’m an icon, you’re a bygone, when the trigger, I pull it
You can try to outsmart me, but you won’t outsmart bullet
Tell me do you even lift?
Leg Day wasn’t meant to be skipped
If you don’t think I bench more than you – you’re losing grip
I carry my cannon and my team with my shield
I don’t need to dodge bullet, I can make bullet yield
I sacrificed glory to become a true soldier
Your mini-gun is an antique, but you’re even older
If this song was an arm wrestle, I’d have the upper-hand
I fight in the name of the motherland!

[Heavy & Zarya]
Ha-ha, you know what they say
In Russia, love makes you
Upon this battleground, romance has been planted
My barrier is falling, how did you even get past my defenses?
I lay my weapon down yet I am ready for action
I am as strong as the mountain, but nothing next to the power of attraction

[Heavy & Zarya]
Your love is a payload, no one can knock me off it
My heart beats like a tank ’cause no one’s gonna stop it
Break down your shield, you need no protection from me!
Your love is locked and loaded, ogon po gotovnosti
Ooh, you touch my mini-gun, you’ve really got me spinnin’ up
Ooh, you touch my mini-gun, you want it heavy? I can give you some
My love is a shield, I know together we are stronger
I never wanna hear you tell me dasvidaniya
Where was I before this? Did not know what I’d do
Your arms are my fortress! And I’m always watching over you

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