Lil Peep & Ricky Hil – Toys lyrics

Lil Peep & Ricky Hil – Toys lyrics

[GG Allin]
On and on and on. And people are so fucking stupid and they don’t understand that, they don’t understand, they think “Yo, okay, you’re gonna kill yourself that’s stupid” well you’re fucking wrong

[Ricky Hil]
I’m about to get a new Chevy (New Chevy)
I’ma ride that hoe all week (All week)
You know it’s me when I speak (When I speak, Ricky, hoe)
Smoking weed and that bitch in the [?] (In the [?])
I fuck that bitch raw ’till she weep (‘Till she weep)
I smoke a lil’ weed with Lil Peep (Lil Peep hoe)
For anything I keep my car on the tar (On the tar)
Also, note she’ll be goin’ real far (Real far)
Silverado, with a suicidal model
I’m driving, she’s holding a bottle
Like she was holding a Bible, she thinks I’m a idol (She thinks I’m a idol)
She might need [?], she might need someone to talk to (To talk to)
I’m blowed off this shit when I walk through (Off this shit when I)
I’m hard as shit to talk to (I’m hard as shit to talk to)

[Lil Peep]
I don’t need a Grammy, all I need is my family
That shit get me angry, when they talk ’bout my family
Don’t fuck with my family, we get stupid and panic
We go stupid and vanish, we got bitches that Spanish
I got bitches from London, bitch I’m going to Paris
Bitch I’m going to Belgium, bitch I could be a felon
All my bitches is jealous, but they listen, I tell ’em
All the shit that I’m doing, but they get mad when I tell ’em
I’m just trying to be honest
They in love with my pockets
They in love with a rockstar, I’m young and I’m popping
Bitch I’m up in the hills, bitch I’m fucking with Hil
When I woke up today, I started writing my will
I just write what I feel, Ricky saved me for real
All the habits I killed, all the blood that I spilled
I ain’t going to hell, but I’ll remember the smell
I ain’t going to hell, but I’ll remember the smell

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