Linctus Craig – Pretty Tune Lyrics

Pretty Tune Lyrics

You seen a jazz-cat get his money back…
Does it turn you on when I lick a rack?…

Verse  1 Linctus Craig

I got kush smoke comin out my nose
My fridge is full I’m livin lavish
I got shoes upon shoes
Got chains upon my neck no plastic
Codeine my cup, Persol my face
Got my heart on my sleeve
I’m in brand new jeans
Drink promethazine..
Come thru extreme..

My pants is saggin’, my chain is swangin’
My bitch is tappin’, I’m sippin on Kraken
My licks are flashin’, my pockets is cashy
Big dog really snappin’ I’m facing my demons
I got on my armour I’m fighting the devil
He tryna seduce me, I double my strength
I look to the sky, bitches pray for my sins
I got out of lockup and poured up some lean
I wеnt to my guy and I got on the beans

You seen a jazz-cat get his monеy back..
Does it turn you on when I lick a rack?..

Verse  2 Bans Vizzari

Codeine, we fill it up
Rikodeine, it’s always there..

Got my mattress up on the wall
Yeah we goin’ all night
Yeah we got the doors open on the top floor
They ask why, why why do I take them xans?
I go with the flow, I do what I want
I don’t like having them plans

Sip on Rik, I love the way this bitch suck on dick
I love the way that I’m back on the Rikodeine
I love the way that I’m back and I’m feeling high again

I’ll face what I gotta face I’ll face my demons and my ex
I pray to The Lord and I ask for the strength

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