Malaki Alighieri – Gluttony Lyrics

Gluttony Lyrics

[verse 1]
i got problems
if you got an issue, i don’t really wanna solve it
feelin’ like neo with the bullets i’m dodging
feelin’ like a loner with the people i’m dropping
hittin’ up my phone, you would give me cr+p
sayin’ everything i rap about is all cap
sayin’ everything i rap about is too sad
but i was statin’ facts and you got mad

[verse 2]
it ain’t a song by me if i ain’t talking about being bored
of all the gas that i’m smokin’ when i’m tryna record
feelin’ bad for the people i’m finna ignore
i don’t really wanna talk, just wanna lay on the floor
i’m sunny+side+up, i’m fried
smoke in my lungs like i ate cloud nine
one man’s trash is another man’s life
i’m takin’ out the garbage, you’re takin’ up time
f+ck out my way

[hook 1]
after defeating cleopatra and descending down from the circle of l+st, dante journeyed to the next circle, gluttony. the circle was populated mostly by the gluttonous demons, great landscapes that are made of living organs, violent storms, mud, piles of human waste and giant gorger worms with insatiable appetites. in this circle are those who are punished for over+indulged in food, drink and addictions in the world above, placing such things above all things including their fellow man

[verse 3]
imma f+ckin f+ck around and f+ckin blow my head off
and if i change my way in faith, you better drop a clip off
not a christian, not a satanist, where will i fall off?
maybe if i stay in limbo, all my work will pay off
if i die and go to h+ll, be like eli: ‘might as well’
ya, my pretty face is melting, spinning like a carousel
if you can see me through the smoke than you can see me very well
this sh+t will get you laughing like an episode of seinfeld
[verse 4]
maybe imma call my dad and i’ll tell him that i made it
hopefully he won’t see that i’m kinda faded
smoke so much sh+t, that good sh+t degraded
had to upgrade it, had to get paid
got a lot of people that i wish i could have laid
but i’m too f+cked up, now they all getting played
like galaga, all these b+tches like an arcade
pockets too heavy from the sh+t that i weighed

[hook 2]
dante faced the “great worm,” cerberus, a massive stomach with three worm+like heads protruding from an open maw. continuing on to greed, lucifer waylaid dante briefly in the hall of gluttons which was an area where the high status gluttons are eternally eaten by demons and where “up” could mean any direction, hindering dante’s progress

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