Mavado – On My Mind lyrics

Mavado – On My Mind lyrics

Lady, ma lady, yea

You always on my mind girl
But baby you I love you every time girl
Yea on to you to give you all is mine girl
Baby you always on my mind girl

[Verse 1:]
I know am wrong
Yes I hurt you deep inside and I know that
f**k It am wrong
But at least am a man God dam I admit that
Sometimes a man don’t know what he got
Until it’s gone girl
And I have dreams of holding you back yea


[Verse 2:]
Baby tell me if you coming soon
Let’s free style in the bathroom
Each an everyday yes a miss yo
Baby let’s paint a perfect picture
You are ma heart an ma everything
Your picture on my wall an my everything
We’ve being together from mi poor an baby now mi rich
My love for you could never be a switch
Dem rest a gyal deh usto seh dem cyaa stand mi
Mi black an ugly seet deh now dem waan gang mi
An yo seh David dem a try fi take yo from mi
But baby girl you are my all an my only

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