Meek Mill – War Stories Lyrics

War Stories Lyrics – Meek Mill

I remember when I was much younger than now
I used to sit and listen to the news
I was the only child
Another day and another man
Wishin’ daddy would come home
Me and mom sittin’ deep at night

It was all good last week (All good)
We linked up and made a move and now we don’t even speak
It was only ’bout a twenty piece, it weren’t even deep
It was more about respect, felt like you was comin’ at my neck
So I called it
Like a man said, it ain’t really ’bout a check
But when we drop, lose seven grams on that
He ain’t comin’ back, and I can’t fuck with that (I can’t)
We gotta swap it out (We gotta swap it out)
He said some fly shit back, I told him watch his mouth
He said some shit again, I hung up, then got watch his house
Caught his homie in the mall, that weekend, knocked him out
Think it’s sweet, we been gettin’ money, but now we poppin’ out
Ain’t throwin’ flags, we droppin’ tabs, send niggas rockin’ out
I ain’t give a shit back, God come and get that (Come get it)
Nigga hung the phone up on me, tell the dawgs, sick that
Bunch of hitters on the corner, they’re like “Where his pic at?”
Scrollin’ up and down his page, they’re like “Where his bitch at?”
Where she live at? That one war we gon’ lay (We gon’ lay)
Let the money too go by, they gon’ pay (They gon’ pay)
More than [?] we gon’ drive the MIA
And when we see ’em, homicide, right away
It ain’t no trench in the ghetto, tryna dance with the devil
Uzi on me, nigga, I do the shuffle
Heard they lurkin’ at my main bitch crib, it’s to a whole ‘nother level
They watch my show, they better hope I don’t catch ’em
Rockin’ Dickies on a whole ‘nother schedule (I am)
God with fifty, what I’m totin’ is special
Might as well tell your niggas “Get a shovel”
‘Cause you a dead man walkin’ from the shit you talkin’
Could’ve been late night, any pain, he could’ve ran your pocket
Funeral, certain niggas cryin’ like they was [?]
My niggas swervin’, doin’ murders and niggas dyin’
I send my youngin’ do the drill while he was high
Made him swerve, hit your whip, DUI
Nigga, I rather see you dead, before I fuckin’ see you cry
You put money all on my head, I ain’t scared, we ain’t hide
Nigga, you know we ain’t your main, when we seen [?] slide
Yeah, you slid in my dawg, but when you hit him, he ain’t die
That shit crazy, when you beefin’ with your man and them
I used to love you, but now it’s crazy, I wanna see you sniff some [?] again
Hangin’ out the van again, we offense over defense
And we playin’, we ain’t playin’ with them
My dawg got killed with his Rollie on
Forty on his hand, tryna blow it off
When I was at the funeral, it really got me trauma
When I seen his momma goin’ up
I said “Fuck it, we gon’ go to war”
FNs, XDs, AKs, SKs
Shinin’ when he hit, look like an Audemar
And I ain’t hear when they was talkin’, I was on the call
But the morale of the story is
They don’t be doin’ that shit to us that they be doin’ to y’all
Bulletproof on all the cars
Security and Bentley trucks, we movin’ like it’s auto-war
It’s lookin’ beautiful, another opp, another funeral
Them hitters get to stainin’ all on you, where they know viewin’ you
Welcome to the dark side, come party in your cubicles
Them boys get to grappin’ you, spin ’em like a hula-hoop

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