MIST – House Party lyrics

MIST – House Party lyrics
(ft. Fredo)

Throw a party like a party like never before
Big night, fresh cloths and you know it’s Dior
I’m wavy right now but let’s drink some more
‘Cause this is like a party like a party like never before

Brand new whip, on my stick every time I shift gear, yeah rude boy it bangs
Me and banglez in the lab all night. yeah I know my bro, it’s gotta bang
Man talk s— till I rise up sticks, little pricks leave em’ buried in the land
Man get switched real quick while I’m sipping cocktails and I’m chilling by the sand
Always had this vision in my head from way back when had it planned
Hot headed yute from when I was young, but I’m cool nowadays I have fans
No projects, yet still classed as a vet, break any set yeah I want more
Do it how I do it and I did it how I did it yeah I do it like I never did before

No Leavin’ the party untill I got a bad b—-
She rubbin’ on my skin like some fabrics
I rather have a fat chick then a slim girl walkin’ around like some match s—
You wanna play? I’m match fit. Can’t recycle that bum, it’s plastic
No lie, we got guns with attachments, blew up in the scene everywhere, I’m like fragments
Let’s party like never before, bad b—— on me from are getting the door
Buss way full, we can’t get anymore
Girl you wanna’ roll with us, then get on the floor
It’s a problem when I get in Dior, buying everything in the shop except for the floor
Saying she’s more sure than ever before
so let’s party like never before

We just made another anthem, last single went platinum
They don’t really want action. payed for the pull up, and burst at random

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