Ms Pospos – Switchblade Lyrics

Switchblade Lyrics

I’ll slice a bitch with my switchblade
I’ll slice a bitch with my sword
It will be a messy night
A bloody night for us all

You fucked up my chances
Now you’ll have to pay
Oh, it’s you again baby let’s not do this again
Expect your neck to be sliced
It will get a little brutal bitch
I’m not afraid of you
You’re not afraid of me but listen
You’ll be up for a fright
I’ll use my blade on you bitch
I stay honest to my words with my switchblade

This house will turn into a battlefield
I’m not afraid of you
You’ll never fucking win
You’re a baby in a mans body
You wanna feed of me like some money (hungry)
I’ll slice a bitch with my switchblade
I’ll slice a bitch with my cunt sword

It’s like a battlefield but I’ll make it out unharmed
I’ll leavе you dead
Dead like a cockroach
I feel my rеvenge
You make me feel better now that you’re dead
Yeah you’re fucking dead now (haha)
Bitch I made it out and your dead

But you’re just too cute boy
Cuter when you’re dead
Bloody surprise, I
I’ll vomit on you fucking neek
I hate you
I hate you
Hate you until it’s too late
I’m sweet like an angel
Your toxic like a sweet (licky licky) hoe

Oh baby, Oh baby you’ll learn to never mess with me again
You’ll be up for a fright like it’s Halloween
Yeah it’s real creepy
Now you wanna come inside to my castle?
Well no you fucking can’t!
I’m the princess of this bitch
You’re like dirt on the ground
Now get down and worship me
Like i’m your goddess

Cut you off like dead hair
I’m feeing a little hungry so I’ll feast on your meat
Getting dark now where are you, boy?
I’ll kill you
I’m a slick bitch like a big knife

I just killed him…
Come pick me up until the police find me!

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