Need You Fresco Trey Lyrics

Song Details: Need You Fresco Trey Lyrics by Fresco Trey. The song name is Need You which is sung by Fresco Trey

Song Credits

Song TitleNeed You
Singer Fresco Trey

Need You Fresco Trey Lyrics

Made a lot of money and I lost a lot
Chasing your dreams tend to cost a lot
Be dies and give them all something to talk about
Brand new whip can’t even fit inside the parking spot

Don’t think I need you
Don’t think I need you

Quick as I met you while I leave you
Adding up my totals figured out that we ain’t equal
Masking all your flaws into the day
Baby you see through
A lot sacrifices trying to take care of my people
You said play your part and I was willing to come meet you
Flirting out your wife cause I ain’t tripping
I don’t need to

He gave you 100 when he had 100 thousand
I gave you 20 with only lint in my pocket
But I ain’t never tripping you got it
Call my b^^ch you don’t forget one thing about

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