Omeretta Sorry Not Sorry Remix Lyrics

Song Details: Omeretta Sorry Not Sorry Remix Lyrics. The song name is Sorry Not Sorry Remix which is sung by Omeretta ft. Latto.

Sorry Not Sorry Remix Latto Lyrics

[Intro: Omerettà The Great]
Big Rettà in this b***h (Woo)
Sorry, not sorry

[Verse 1: Omerettà The Great]
I wasn’t gon’ say nothin’, but this on me heavy
I promise it’s gettin’ ridiculous (It’s gettin’ ridiculous)
After this drop (Woo), do not jump to no conclusions
I don’t need these folks in my mentions (I don’t need these folks in my mention)
Know I’m too solid, gon’ keep it a brick
I ain’t goin’ back and forth ’cause I said what I said (Yeah)
I’m clearing the air ’cause I feel it’s my place (Yeah)
I gotta jump on a couple folks head
Y’all come to the city, get a feel for this air (Uh)
And don’t wanna go home, I know you love what it taste like (You love what it taste like)
But it ain’t too fair, we had to live up in these trenches (Woo)
Y’all went back to the ‘burbs when it got up on them late nights
Look, we really ran through these streets, we ain’t never get a break
So when we speaking on Atlanta, I don’t play, right? (I don’t play)
But I’ma get right to the subject, ain’t gon’ beat around the bush
Answer this if you say you from the “A”, right
Which zone are you from? What hood did you live? (What?)
What hospital bed were you born?
Look, I know it sound crazy, but I’m a “A” baby
I gotta start pullin’ folks’ cards (I gotta start pullin’ cards)
We had to live in the zoo where you don’t make it out (Woo)
So, I don’t give a f**k what they say (I don’t give a f**k)
Look, if you n****s ain’t grow up in APS system (Yeah, yeah)
You b*****s is not from the “A” (Yeah)
And you from Gwinnett, n***a, rep that, perpetrator, step back
Talking ’bout you from the outskirts, could’ve kept that
Rep where you from and don’t rep where you hung though
Every false claimer ’round the world know they felt that
Earned all my stripes and I got my respect
The whole city know I’m a beast (They know I’m a beast)
Look, if you not from this side (Woo), and you don’t know the facts
Just chill and repeat after me (Repeat after me)
[Chorus: Omerettà The Great]
College Park is not Atlanta (No, it’s not Atlanta)
Lithonia is not Atlanta (Nope)
ClayCo is not Atlanta (Nope)
Decatur is not Atlanta (Nope)
Gwinnett is not Atlanta (Nope)
Roswell is not Atlanta (Nope)
Forest Park is not Atlanta (Nope)
Lilburn is not Atlanta (Nope)
Look, the North is not Atlanta (Nah)
The South is not Atlanta (Nah)
You n****s is not Atlanta (Nah)
You b*****s is not Atlanta (Nah)
Big Rettà, I’m too Atlanta (I’m too Atlanta)
I had to get through Atlanta (I had to get through Atlanta)
I’m talkin’ ’bout the 1, the 3, and the 4 (Woo, woo)
The old, not the new Atlanta

[Verse 2: Latto]
B***h, I’m from ClayCo, home of the green bandanas
We only tell tourists Atlanta (On God)
The first and the only rap b***h with a plaque in my city
We skipped school, went to Panhandle (On God)
We scream “RIP” to Slim Dunkin, I f**k up this money
It’s nothin’, s**t longer than Tara
Now that I made it I’m still givin’ back to the hood
Pullin’ up like the Southside Santa (Skrrt, skrrt)
We never claimed the city, but made the city the s**t that it is, for real (For real)
Way the only reason a n***a wish they wasn’t from here to get away from Victor Hill (Haha)
I went to Pointe South and I went to Rex Mill (Yeah)
These b*****s be all BBL but no skill (Yeah)
First rap b***h sneak diss, I’m sendin’ that blitz
They gon’ let off them Waka ad-libs (Baow, baow, baow)
Soufside with a F (F)
Puerto Rican Johnny was my uncle and we still cuttin’ a check (Check)
Exit 231, might pull up on Derez (Yeah)
I grew up at the Palace right off of Old Nat (Yeah)
I got two chains hittin’ on my neck (Ice)
Top down, playin’ Monica in that ‘Vette (Skrrt)
Rettà, I respect it, but I’m from Jurassic
The South what I’m reppin’, I said what I said
[Chorus: Latto]
So, Migos is not Atlanta? (Huh?)
21 is not Atlanta? (What?)
Ciara is not Atlanta? (The f**k?)
Ludacris is not Atlanta? (Trippin’)
Man, ClayCo made Atlanta (ClayCo)
Decatur made Atlanta (On God)
Rap game tried to play Atlanta (What?)
Outkast came and saved Atlanta
On God

[Outro: Latto]
Ayy, look, but don’t get this s**t f****d up
The hardest b*****s in the m**********n’ rap game is from the “A”
Big Latto, Big Rettà, and don’t you f****n’ forget it
Foot on all these b*****s’ necks all 2022

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