SAINt JHN – Ransom lyrics

SAINt JHN – Ransom lyrics

Holidays in California quite strange

The height change but the sight same

I’m just adjusting to the price change

Truth is I’m just in a better price range

Saint Laurent’s at the dice game

The just fly talk that’s just sky slang

I’m just ballin. I’m ballin. I’m really ballin

Strip club like I’m tryin to win a heisman

The Applause first then the spit came

Trying to kill my pain in the sprite can

The top off in a strange way I’m trying to fight fame

Am I still sharing my location with you?

Feels like I’m on probation with you

Too hard to have a rotation with you

I love you on occasion but you

Fvck it up way too much

Fvck it up way too much

You like to fight too much

You like to play too rough

I like when you’re short skirt and your heels

And you not in yo feels

I cover the bills

Oh what a thrill what a thrill

If you call and I don’t reply

When text and I just don’t answer

I don’t meant that change my mind

It just means that I don’t pay RANSOMS

You walk out and you don’t say bye

And I don’t wanna speak out of anger

I won’t be held for RANSOM

I’m too handsome


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