Sam Fender Tiktok Song Lyrics Meaning

Sam Fender Tiktok Song Lyrics Meaning:- Presenting the meaning of the English Song Lyrics ‘Seventeen Going Under” performed by Sam Fender. Hope you would enjoy the meaning of the English Song Lyrics.

Sam Fender Tiktok Song Lyrics Meaning

Sam Fender was born and lived a hard life in his teenage age. Sam’s mother left him when was 8 years of age and he was thrown out of his father’s house by his stem mother. He suffered a lot. And Sam through this song finds Fender looking back at his teenage years living with his mother when they were both struggling financially.

She said the debt, the debt, the debt
So I thought about shifting gear
And how she wept and wept and wept
Luck came and died round here

Fender considered becoming a drug dealer as a way out of his household’s poverty.

Over a combination of guitars, piano and saxophone, Fender describes the struggles he had when he was 17. He said: “17 is when all the challenges begin: you’re not a baby, but you’re definitely not an adult (turns out that bit takes a lot longer than you think).”

This is the title track of Sam Fender’s second album, which is centered on the North Shields singer-songwriter growing up and coming of age. “I’ve had a lot of time to look back and there’s a lot of things I’ve processed, stuff that happened when I was in my late teens and early 20s,” he told Apple Music. “I was carrying a lot of pain around, and with writing this [album], I’ve been able to put some of those things to bed – which has been very, very humbling and good for the soul. I feel like it is a celebratory record, and it’s full of hope and full of yearning. It’s a triumph over adversity.”

Fender’s longtime friend Bramwell Bronte produced the song. Bronte produced all the tracks on Fender’s debut album, Hypersonic Missiles.

Fender debuted the song live on August 13, 2020 in Newcastle.

I see my mother
The DWP see a number
She cries on the floor encumbered
I’m seventeen going under

Sam Fender’s nurse mom suffered from fibromyalgia, which affected her mental health and her ability to work. He told: “I had a sense of helplessness. You haven’t got a job, you’re only 17.”

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Sam Fender Tiktok Song Lyrics (Seventeen Going Under)

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