Sarah Took Me to the Bathroom Lyrics

Song Details: Sarah Took Me to the Bathroom Lyrics by awfultune. The song name is I Met Sarah in the Bathroom which is sung by awfultune.

Sarah Took Me to the Bathroom Lyrics

Alright, uh, let me tell this story. So I met this girl at a party – really cute girl, uh, she had- she had, you know those clips from WalMart that you put in your hair? Colorful ones? Yeah, she had that. Uh, gorgeous make-up and pretty clothes, she was like an insta-baddie, she was like one of those girls…

Her name was Sarah
I was kinda shy, but she was a daredevil
And she liked to smoke
But she didn’t like to drink ’cause she knew
That her parents would yell at her
Then she said, “Hey, Layla”
What’s up?
“You know, I really like hanging out with ya”
Aw, I like hanging out with you, too
“I think I really wanna kiss ya”
Wait, really?
“Yeah, but I don’t wanna scare ya”
Oh, no, that’s cool

Next thing I know, Sarah took me to the bathroom, ooh
And then I met Sarah in the bathroom, ooh
Now we’re up against a wall and she’s calling me “baby”
I said, “Are you sure? This is kinda crazy”
She said, “I just really wanna go
I don’t wanna take it slow”
Sarah in the bathroom, ooh
And with a face like hers, I can’t say no
I can’t say no

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