She Make It Clap I Got The Strap Lyrics – Tory Lanez ft. Adin Ross

Song Details: She Make It Clap I Got The Strap Tory Lanez Lyrics. The song name is She Make It Clap (Freestyle) which is sung by Tory Lanez ft. Adin Ross.

She Make It Clap I Got The Strap Tory Lanez Lyrics

{Verse 1: Adin Ross}
It’s me, it’s me, baldie
Not anymore, got a doey
A-Rag in the C
In the booth, in a geek
Yeah, yeah

{Verse 2: Tory Lanez}
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
Smokin’ on packs, preferably Black Leprachaun
All of these hoes they on my arm
All of these b^^ches, they know I’m a don
Stuntin’ on the b^^ches come back to the 6s
I spit 3s like I’m playin’ with the 6s
Bad b^^ch like she playin’ with the mixes
Bad b^^ches keep playin’ with my jig, uh
Bad b^^ch wanna get on my Insta
I told the b^^ch to keep chill and be quiet
I got bad b^^ches tryna get by
Don’t chill ‘fore a n^^ga get violеnt
I got bad b^^ches and they come wildin’
Ayy, I see a mothеrf^^kin’ violent
20,000 bad b^^ches on an island
20,000 bad b^^ches goin’ private, mmm
She make it clap, I got the strap
21 gats, feel like I’m Savage
21 b^^ches and none of them average
I’m gon’ f^^k me tonight me a bad b^^ch
I don’t give a f^^k about n^^gas
I don’t give a f^^k about hoes
I don’t give a f^^k ’bout your bros
I don’t give a f^^k ’bout your toes
Your hoes, your manicure, pedicure, toes
I’m comin’ on the block with the rocks
20 inch Glocks in my socks
n^^gas keep blowin’ that crazy a^s sh^t
If I go to jail I’ma keep it locked in the sock
I got that from Ken, all of my hoes, they spend
On me all in the mall, I’m bendin’ Benzes
20 inch rims on my Enzos
b^^ches is coming to the mall and the goin’ in frenzies
Lookin’ at Tory, look at my story
All of these b^^ches they look at me growin’ up fast like a n^^ga was 40
I don’t even know what I’m sayin’ but tonight I’m ’bout to take y’all b^^ches and have me an orgy

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