SilentLie – Modern Paradox Lyrics

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Modern Paradox Lyrics

Carve your pain into my mind it will be erased by the hourglass
I can’t wait to smile for you
A child alone in a ghost town his bleeding heart that makes no sound
We wear our s****t smiles
But we are all fine

It’s a modern paradox
A dark infatuation for this shining unreal place
Nothing but a useless race
Are you really happy here?
I’ll fight by your side but
There’s someone to leave behind
Hello it’s another beautiful day. I’m dead
We play with sharp knives
Are you really happy herе?

No one there gеts out alive where poison is sweet like honey [money
I love our wonderful world
Hi, nice to meet you

Carve your pain into my mind
We play again with rusty knives
Are you really satisfied my dear?
No one there gets out alive

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