SLAYTER – Rosary lyrics

SLAYTER – Rosary lyrics
(Ft. Retch)

Let’s go somewhere far away where nobody could find us
I’m sippin’ codeine it help me with my problems
Popping all these Xannies ‘til I forget about them
Same n****s that’s with me were with me at the bottom
Rosary wrapped around my neck
But I’m still sinning
OG told us let it slide
We gon still kill him
No loyalty
Thought that was your mans
How you steal from him

Keep the 40 in Amiris ‘cause I can’t live without it
Addicted to this codeine man I can’t live without ya
The ones that do you dirty be the ones that around you
Pour another deuce let’s find a cup I can drown in
I became addicted to the percies
I know I’m addicted to the dirty
Rest in peace to Juice I know that it could hurt me
I gave you my all and you didn’t deserve me, yeah
Didn’t deserve me
I just gave my all and you didn’t deserve me
But my bitch make me feel like I’m worthy
Text her I’ll be on my way I’m in the studio working

N****s amazed I turned nothing to something
Gang rules, ain’t no one on one we gon’ jump him
And I snuck the .45 inside the function
N****s talking crazy until we started dumping
Percocet poppin’, I took my bitch to the spa
Wintertime but a n**** had to drop the top
Thought he was bulletproof ‘til we gave him head shots
New body now n**** smoking dead opp
Choppa in the trunk ride around well protected
N**** fuck 12 fuck rats fuck detectives
N**** wanted smoke I had to check him off the checklist
Got guns up in New York that my lil n**** sent from Texas

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