Slow Down Your Doing Fine Lyrics | TikTok Song

Song Details: Slow Down Your Doing Fine Lyrics. The song name is Vienna which is sung by Billy Joel. Hope you would enjoy the lyrics of the song.

Slow Down Your Doing Fine Lyrics

Slow down you’re doin’ fine
You can’t be everything you wanna be
Before your time
Although it’s so romantic
On the borderline tonight, tonight
Too bad but it’s the life you lead
You’re so ahead of yourself
That you forgot what you need
Though you can see when you’re wrong
You know you can’t always see when you’re right
You’re right

[Chorus 2]
You’ve got your passion
You’ve got your pride
But don’t you know
That only fools are satisfied?
Dream on
But don’t imagine they’ll all come true, ooh
When will you realize
Vienna waits for you?

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