Smoove’L – Ghetto Gospel lyrics

Presenting the Ghetto Gospel lyrics performed by Smoove’L. Hope you would enjoy the lyrics of the song. Stay tuned in for more.

Ghetto Gospel lyrics

She asking for a Chanel bag
But this b—- won’t even buy a Polo tee for me

I’m very mad at you that you ain’t make me nut
I’m mad I’m mad that you ain’t make me hard
I’m very mad at you that you ain’t get it off
All you brought into my life is some f—–’ –
D-d-d-disappointments, you disappointing me
And I don’t need love, and I don’t need friends I just need f—— weed
Ooh yatty yah, I think that bad s– dun left me traumatized
And your p—- was stinking what the f— was I thinking?
I almost cried
I gotta higher my standards
You trash, b—— can’t get next to me
Yeah, when I look at my past, what the f— I was thinking?
Lefty yeah
I really deserve the best, I really don’t need no stress, I ain’t really like the rest n—–
I’m different from em all, Imma answer when you call
Why can’t you just get the picture?
And I know the value of myself, you won’t keep shy of me

She asking for a Chanel bag
But this b—- won’t even buy a Polo tee
Yo fellas, you better watch out for dem Cinderellas
They gon give you a smile for your f—–’ cheddar
And they don’t want your love, they want you cause you doing better

Y’all n—– better watch out for these b—— man
I’m telling you, they gon show dem t——, they gon show that a–
They gon show all of that to get in your m**********n’ pockets
You n—– who out spending, spending a band a night on a b—-
Let em go, Let them b—— go
Put it all to your daughter or your mother or your son or your father or your family member
This s— facts n—-, no cap
F— these hoes, they want n—- bread
It’s my bad s– experience
Damn damn damn I’m done

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