Sunshine Christo – Autist Lounge Lyrics

Autist Lounge Lyrics

This the last song brother
I need you to go all in, I want you to go full force
No more of that, “I love my friends”, bullshit
I want real, raw edge, cutting edge, rap music from Sunshine Christo

[Verse 1]
Nintendo ass beat but I can rap on this
Retarded ass bitch but she can fuck on this
Drugged up nigga can’t test my piss
Quit heroin, it had me shit
I was shitting like laxatives
Hell for a few days
Tryna take some candies
To make the urge go away
I don’t wanna relapse, but shit I might relapse
Your tolerance goes down the more you stay away
Which means the higher you’ll get when you inject it in your veins
(Fuck that part was way too fast)

[Verse 2]
They say I’m too fast
So I’ma slow down, I’ma slow down to please these clowns
Bruhther staring at me in the booth like, “Why’d I give these beats to dude?”
(I’ma be real, I don’t know what the fuck you’re saying, but keep going)
Did an interview with Ketamine
I might just try ketamine
I might just go back to lean
It’s expensive but it tastes clean
I should just focus on some music
The more I work they listen to it
If you’re a fan of me you’ll never get bored
I got so many songs, that I’m set to record
Set the record
Set the record straight
What you got on your plate
It’s my birthday so I’m having steak
Ha – I cut myself off
I’m not a minor anymore, but I’m still a youngin’ boy
Can’t kill my drive, these songs are keeping me alive
When the beat stops, its like I die
When there’s eyes on me, I want to shine
Sunshine, Sunshine Christo
Little bitch I keep a pistol

Yeah, this is shit, I can’t, I can’t clear this y’know
You gotta try harder kid
You gotta try harder

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