Sunshine Christo – Illegal Freedom Lyrics

Illegal Freedom Lyrics

This is real music brother
This is real music brother
Hulk Hogan brother
Ok I’ll stop messing around bro
Bruhther, haha

Feeling like Shiey, nigga I’m on the edge
Climb up a rooftop, I’m hanging off a ledge
Days that I spent, places that I went
I remember them
I remember everyone, and I know that they’re all gone
Everyone ends up gone
No one ever stays long
People say that they have my back, but they’rе all wrong
It’s all my fault, I’m not okay
It’s too late to change
Mentally I am astray
Waiting for my day to shinе
I’m Sunshine Christo, but I feel like dying
Youngest flexer with BPD
I fucked that hoe in the mouth, she might got an STD
Sitting in a car by myself, I’m supposed to be happy
So why do I feel like hell
It’s way too late to ask for help
Making fun songs but I don’t know how fun felt

Now listen here brother this EP was supposed to be fun
What the hell are you talking about suicidal bullshit?
C’mon, c’mon!

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