Voka Gentle – DREAD/TKOE Lyrics


[Verse 1: Voka Gentle]
One such disciple of certain schools of crumbling unfiltered thought
Gold medals of success shivering next to those I’ve already caught
Deep down in my head, I know that I’m nothing if not a mugshot tiger
Throw on my hat, pick up my bell, and become the town crier
“Hey, take one sec’, prick your ears up quick, the fanfare’s belting silver”
Shimmers of flag-like unfurling ties on shining polyester
Kids filming, phones, looks like some vigil snaking along the pavement
“Look out, America, here I come”
The King of England
You ain’t seen nothing yet

[Verse 2: Voka Gentle]
Mr. Brown takes one last drag, flicks the butt out into the night
Goes home, gets bored and watches porn
Chiding himself, “It’s a vice”
Wakes to the sound of trumpets belting out and into the street
Looks out and cracks a smile and then from the open window retreats

[Verse 3: Voka Gentle]
As if touched by love or some such secret telling final truth
He falls back onto his bed laughing
Runs down, pulls on both his shoes
“They’re throwing pound coins at the crowd
Mr. Brown, don’t you want in?
They’re burning flags and cars and martyrs for some very good reason”
Honing in down the packed and swaying pavements, donning his crown
His gait becomes a stride while, in his mind, he’s killed Mr. Brown
Looks up, sees a gold empty throne hoisted on shoulders of his subjects
Baying, siren-like, who’s the King of England
Look who’s laughing now
The King of England
England, take a bow

[Verse 4: Bells]
Britannia ruled and enslaved my ancestors across Caribbean waves
And siphoned sugar to the Tate
While the Raj decimated my mother’s land
Oh, indigo India
A tea leaf is a bitter sip, toiled under the slaver’s whip
Yet let it purge your delusions of empire to cure this pestilent ignorance
Hear me, hear me, a reckoning bell
What values are your “union” built on?
For you cannot serve both God and Mammon

[Verse 5: Voka Gentle]
Destruction derby: Aston Martin vs Mercedes Benz
Two World Wars, one World Cup
Don’t think that we won’t do it again
No need to reread reams of terms and conditions, click “agree”
This island’s got what the world needs
The King of England
Look who’s laughing now
The King of England
England, take a bow

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