WILD – Surround You lyrics

WILD – Surround You lyrics:- Presenting the Surround You lyrics Performed by WILD. Hope you would enjoy the song. Stay tuned in for more.

Surround You lyrics

So the rain comes down
Oceans on the ground

Mountains to climb
Rain keeps comin’
New heights, blue skies
I’m not runnin’

I’ll surround you
And I will be there
Ships will sink
And castles they will fall
Wish that I could
Somehow fix it all
But I’ll be there
I’ll be there

Arms to keep you warm
Shelter from the storm
Cold hearts outside
Snow keeps fallinsnow keeps falling
I hold you tight
No we’re not running

Mountains to climb
New heights, blue skies
I’ll hold you tight
I’ll be there
I’ll be there I’ll be there

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